By: Marilyn Blumberg, Marilyn Blumberg, P.A.

Successful women consider all of their options before relocating their business and themselves, but women with children now also need to consider a new Florida law regarding relocation of minors.  Below is a summary of this New Law: Parental Relocation with a Child.

NEW LAW in Florida Parental Relocation with a Child:
Relocation means a change in the principal residence of a child for a period of 60 consecutive days or more. This does not include a temporary absence for purposes of vacation, education, or health care for the minor child. This law comes into place if said relocation change of residence is more than 50 miles away from the minor child’s principal place of residence. This change affects any person
named as a parent or person reflected as a parent on the birth certificate of a child or a person who is not a parent, and who, by Court Order, maintains the primary residence of a minor child or has visitation rights with a minor child. If the parents enter into a written agreement to said relocation, said written agreement should be submitted to the Court for approval. If there is no agreement, a parent should notify the other parent with a Notice of Intent to Relocate with a Child. If the parents are not in agreement, then a Petition to Relocate must be filed with the Court. There are certain requirements that need to be contained for the Notice of Intent and for the Petition to Relocate. If a parent relocates with the minor child without following the above changes in the Florida Statute, Sanctions by the Court may be entered, including but not limited to an Order of Contempt and/or change of the minor child’s custody /residence to the other parent.

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