Get the most out of your membership with The Women's Chamber of Commerce by joining a committee. Committees are a great way to learn more about the chamber, form solid relationships with other members, and make a difference in the community. The Chamber is comprised of the following committees:

Marketing Committee Yuilya LaRoe, Chair
The Marketing Committee is responsible for sharing the mission and vision of the Chamber and to raise awareness of Chamber activities with the community and its members through various forms of media, such as: website, social media and email blasts.
Newsletter Committee - Marcia Hansen, Chair
As a sub-committee of the Marketing Committee, the Newsletter Committee is responsible for sharing the mission and vision of the WCC via our quarterly eNewsletter. 

Program and Outreach Committee Lori A. Sochin and Jennie Farshchian, Co-Chairs
The Events Committee promotes and enhances the interests and activities of the WCC by building a networking culture through events and activities aimed at enhancing the power of women professionals throughout our community. Through this committee, activities, events, networkers, forums, and opportunities for conversations are created to bridge professional women with industry related educational information, leadership development, empowerment and support.
Sponsorship Committee -
As a sub-committee of the Program & Outreach Committee, the Sponsorship Committee's mission is to 
identify, retain, and recognize like-minded and supportive sponsors in a way that is in the best interests of the WCC and that demonstrates value to sponsors for their participation. 
Membership Committee – Meryl Koslow, Chair
The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining and growing the Chamber’s membership by building awareness of the organization and the benefits of membership and to also encourage participation in the various monthly events. The membership committee also coordinates efforts with the other WCC Committees to ensure that information is disseminated about the WCC to all its members and the community at large. Committee members are encouraged to greet newcomers and guests at group functions, develop new member campaigns and assist with the renewal process for existing members and sponsors.

Nominations – 
Kadisha PhelpsChair
The Nominating Committee has the responsibility of ensuring the future and viability of the Women’s Chamber by identifying and presenting a slate of three (3) candidates to join the Board and forward the goals and mission of the Women’s Chamber: to promote women in business and create a place to come together. Participation on committees is given substantial consideration.
We encourage the membership to become involved in a committe or a project. Please feel free to reach out to any of the committee chairs through email if you would like to get involved or learn more about each committee.

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