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There are a variety of press release distribution companies available on the internet that say they can get your news release picked up by media outlets, bloggers and news sources but can they? How do they compare? And how does a small company pick the one that’s serves up the best value? The big players are PR Web, Business Wire, and PR Wire but there are also a multitude of small, free and industry-specific distributors. Below is an introduction to the big players and their overall value for a small business with a tight PR budget.

PR web is one of the heavy-hitters in the industry. They boast an impressive client list ranging from SMB to Fortune 500 companies and can reach regional, national, and global media audiences due to a long history in the media business. The basic package distributes to the major search engines and across the web and start at $89 per release. Upgraded packages can be targeted by geography, industry or media source.
Business Wire
Business Wire is another industry heavyweight offering a variety of pricing based on geography, industry and targeted reach. They have long-standing relationships and deliver results with nice tracking and analysis features online. There are a variety of ways to enhance distribution and online engagement with your news release with ala carte style add-ons with a regional release starting at $269.

PR Newswire
PR Newswire has impressive distribution powers however the lowest package ($129 per release) does not distribute your release to the media but rather makes your release searchable therefore is not truly distribution. They offer specially packaged small business options that are a nice option for small business but also have robust, National packages and a full membership with a host of more options. These come with a price however, up to $495+ per single release.

PR Log is an online press release distribution and submission service that is free. Reach and distribution unknown however since the price is appealing all releases should be submitted to PR Log as well.


An attractive pricing and packaging structure for online distribution however unless expecting to release regular press releases may not be worth the subscription-based model. Based on an annual subscription this distribution site offers packages from $50/month to $200/month depending on number of releases distributed per month.
24-7 Press Release
This company’s attractive $49 package releases your news only to journalist’s who have opt-ed in to their distribution. This means you can reach an engaged audience but also may limit their actual distribution, however they claim to have 60,000 members. Their more advanced distribution packages utilize PR Newswire services and should be by-passed to use PR Newswire directly to take full advantage of tracking and metrics offered.
With their moderately low price tag it seems they would be a good fit for a test however their list of media outlets falls short and is localized to select geographies. This company appears to be building their distribution list backwards from what is published not what they push out, therefore it is reasonable to assume your business would not need their services to receive the publicity.

Overall: The best value depends on your industry and the target geographies you are trying to reach, however the big names in distribution, PR Newswire, Business Wire and PR Web are very good choices and offer attractive entry-level pricing for small businesses. These companies also have an impressive menu of features to assist in maximizing exposure, tracking and analysis of your release as well as writing, editing and content creation assistance. So get writing your quality content, optimized with your SEO keywords, and get your name out there; no matter which distribution channel you use! And if you’re still uncertain, ask a professional for advice.

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