By: Michelle Villalobos (vee - ya - LOW - bōs)

Almost everyone feels out of place and awkward at a networker. You can use this to your
advantage by acting like a host/hostess and introducing people to each other. People are usually grateful for the help. Here are some other tips to play the role of “master networker...”

  • When someone you know greets you while you're talking to someone else (or in a group), always introduce the new arrival to the person (or people) with whom you were talking.
  • We all forget a name now and then. If it happens to you, just apologize and 'fess up rather than ignore an introduction. "I'm so sorry, I keep wanting to call you Penelope because you remind me of my college roommate, Penelope, but I know that's not your name..." People are usually not offended because it happens to them too!

  • If/when you do forget a name, laugh it off but don't insult yourself, for example: "must be my Alzheimer's" (especially if you're older) or "blame my ADD" (especially if you're young). These seemingly innocuous statements reinforce stereotypes and plant negative thoughts about your skills or qualifications.
  • Focus on who you're speaking with, don't let you eyes wander.
  • Put away your handheld (BlackBerry, iPhone) when talking to someone. Otherwise, the message you're sending is: "Anyone who has my email address or my phone number is more important to me than you, even though you are right in front of me." If you must take a call, excuse yourself first and then do it. For example: "I'm sorry but I've been waiting for this call all day and I have to take it." Then walk to a quiet, more secluded area to speak.

Hope to see you out there!

Michelle Villalobos (vee - ya - LOW - bōs)
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