Seasons Greetings!

I am not sure about you all, but I can still smell the turkey and pumpkin pie cooking and cannot wait to have some egg nog!  I love the holidays!  This time of year, I reflect on the past 12 months and give thanks for all of my good fortune.  One of the things I am most grateful for this year is my time as your President.  I have enjoyed getting to know our members better, having had the privilege of meeting many of you.  I appreciated hearing your feedback of how we can make the chamber better.  My board of directors have been outstanding partners.  Each and every one of our board members has contributed so much to our organization.  It is because of their effort that my time in this position has been so wonderful. It has been such an incredible experience and I am so fortunate to have been given this role within the chamber.  

I am pleased with the progress we have made as an organization this year.  We have grown our membership.  Our program content continues to improve and develop.  We are growing as an organization and next year proves to be EVEN BETTER!  Nordis Alvarez is going to be an outstanding President.  Her term begins in January 2013.  Nordis has an ambitious agenda and I know she will welcome volunteerism from our membership who wish to get more involved.  Please reach out to the chamber and let us know what areas interest you.  Your participation would be appreciated.  It is through your service our organization can grow.      

We have so many things to be thankful for this holiday season.  If you have some time, take a moment and make a list. Take time to give thanks for all of the blessings you have and the problems you don't.  Enjoy this time with your family and friends.  Thank your clients for their loyalty.  The holidays often go by so quickly.  Use this time to reflect -- I find it makes the season so much richer.  

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to serve you!

Happy Holidays,


Suzanne Wheatley
Vice President, Regions Bank

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