By: Marlene Green, Marlene Green & Associates

So many people I speak to in my coaching sessions have the same concerns. They feel overwhelmed, taken advantage of, or they have too little time and too much to do. Yet, they want to accomplish more, feel more fulfilled and get more out of life. All of these concerns point to a single source, or cause of all their pain. By understanding this source people have the freedom to achieve more, feel more fulfilled, communicate better, lead better while spending less energy, less time, and less effort.
What is this secret? It is the secret of understanding Personal Boundaries. Personal boundaries are the limits that you put on others around you and limits that you set for yourself. Without boundaries, people may become frustrated. They may work too hard and feel taken advantage of. They lose focus and seem to never have enough time to achieve the things that are really important to them.
By setting proper personal boundaries people are able to set realistic goals, standards, and timeframes. They feel a bigger sense of progress, accomplishment and momentum as goal after goal is achieved.
Setting personal boundaries doesn't make you a difficult person. You have to respect yourself enough to clearly define your goals and focus with others. You have to make choices in life on where to dedicate your time and energy. You want to be able to keep your word, achieve deadlines, timeframes and do it with grace. This is where you need to set boundaries with others and yourself so that expectations can be appropriately set.
Personal boundaries starts with self-knowledge. The better you understand yourself, the better you understand others. By self-knowledge I am talking about knowing yourself, your real goals, your motivations and really what matters to you. You need to know how you want people to treat you so that you can accomplish the most out of life. You need to respect the time you are dedicating to yourself and others so that you can get the most out of it and so that you are providing the most benefit possible for yourself and others.
A great example is someone who begins working 80-90 hours a week for a job. I am not saying that working hard is a terrible thing, but it is impossible to create value for others if you are running low on energy and have no time to replenish your supply. You need to rest. The energy you show to others helps motivate them to assist you, be with you, and make things easier on you. If you are wiped out, people feel drained around you. They feel sapped and don't want to contribute or even be around you. It is hard to accomplish much in this kind of environment.
As a coach I help people create boundary constructs which can help measure and promote progress. I help uncover healthy limits and help my clients communicate those to others in a positive way. The best way to do this is through an introductory coaching call. In one hour we can isolate some of the most important personal boundaries that you need in order to achieve more of what you want in life. Call me at (773) 294-0749 to set yourself on a path to greater success.

Marlene Green
Marlene Green & Associates
(773) 294-0749 

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