By: Patricia Bietler, President/Founder of Velocitas

I am frequently asked what is the difference between advertising, marketing and public relations. In addition to requests to specifically define interactive marketing.

It can be compared to mathematics or science in our formative years. To some it comes naturally and to others it is like a formula that they cannot comprehend.

Marketing is essential to any company or brand. It is also important to integrate a variety of techniques in order to engage your audience or target market. We work with our clients as if they were our partners collaborating to achieve our goals. We develop a strategic plan for the time we are engaged to accomplish these goals together as a team.

Everything we do encompasses interactive. What exactly does that mean again? Social media, video, and online or mobile marketing. Utilizing television clippings from press we garnered and the appropriate tools for their industry.

Another frequent question is, 'Can you send me some plans or packages?' This is not something we can provide without evaluating the specific needs of the company.  Every company is unique in its own way, so there is no 'one size fits all' plan or professional recommendation.

Why include Hispanic PR to your campaign? Well, we all know that the Hispanic market is the largest and fastest growing minority in the US and with over 50 billion Spanish speaking consumers; they should also be considered a target market. Creating a Spanish campaign to communicate to our partner’s audience is something we take much pride in. Just like any campaign we create, we tailor each and every strategy to resonate with our client's objectives.

Basically marketing is similar to life. You are always marketing yourself and the appropriate tools you use depend on your business or career path. It is also based on what you feel most comfortable with and would create the greatest results.

Marketing and public relations is something we are passionate about and it is important that whoever you choose to work with is not only an expert in their field, but that they can also envision your mission in the same way you do and are excited about joining you and your team to accomplish that mission successfully.

At the end of the day to truly succeed each party should focus on their specialty and, whether you are a ‘marketing mathematician’ or not, having one on your team means you should always be in good shape.

We welcome all kinds of questions and love to provide fresh, creative solutions that create significant results whenever we can. Please feel free to call us at 305.854.8999.

Patricia G. Beitler, MBA  |  President/Founder of Velocitas
250 Northwest 23rd Street, Suite 202  |  Miami, FL 33127
patricia@velocitas.com  | Office: 305.854.6999  |  www.velocitas.com

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