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The 4 Steps to Being Successful AND Fulfilled as a Lawyer

Submitted by 20/20 Leadership Group.

Do you remember WHY you became a lawyer?

We were chatting the other day asking ourselves this same question: “Why did we become lawyers all those years ago?”

For us, as for most lawyers we know, becoming an attorney meant the ability to help others, to make a difference, AND to have a great life.

Most of us start out with a healthy dose of unbridled optimism about our legal careers. We have big dreams and high hopes for what our legal career will bring us. We crave intellectual challenge, respect, and recognition. And the first few years of our practice are happily spent in the pursuit of knowledge and expertise.

But after a while, many of us begin to notice a sense of frustration and dissatisfaction with where we are in our law careers.

Why does that happen?

How do so many of us go from being “happy lawyers” to feeling frustrated and dissatisfied?

As lawyers ourselves, and as executive coaches, we see attorneys on a daily basis struggling to make sense out of this shift. Many feel disillusioned about the legal profession. Many feel disappointed in themselves for “making the wrong career choice.” Many think about leaving the law.

But here is one thing we know to be true: “Grass is NOT always greener on the other side.” The reality is that leaving your legal career for something else may still not solve your frustrations.

So what would a legal career that is both successful AND fulfilling look like for you? Imagine no longer feeling the “Sunday night blues” or the “case of the Mondays.” Imagine feeling appreciated. Excited. Optimistic. In control. Living a life that works for you on all levels.

How? Here is our 4-step Legal Career Fulfillment process that we use to help lawyers find more satisfaction in their legal careers, which can help you do the same:

(1) First, you need to gain the much-needed clarity on what you really want from your professional life and uncover the exact reasons why you’ve been feeling unhappy, dissatisfied, or unfulfilled.

(2) Then you must re-discover who you really are and what drives, motivates, and inspires you.Why “re-discover”? Because we change. We transform. We evolve. And what mattered to us then, may not matter to us now. So we need to understand who we have become, what really matters to us today, and who we want to be tomorrow.

(3) After that, it is imperative to identify what elements are most important to you in your work and determine exactly what steps you need to take in order to incorporate these elements into your career so that you create fulfillment. Do you want flexibility? More challenging work? To step into a leadership role? Then you need to find ways of making that happen.

(4) And finally, you’ve got to create a vision and develop an action plan to help you transform your job into a legal career you love. Going from frustration to fulfillment is a process and won’t happen overnight. Don’t set yourself up for a failure by not creating a clear plan of how you are going to move towards career and life fulfillment. Design your vision and develop your plan.

And that’s it. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

It is a clear process and yet it can be incredibly challenging to accomplish. You know how easy it is to see why other people are unhappy while being totally blind to what needs to be done to fix our own situation. Most of us have blinders on when it comes to our own challenges.

That’s why we want to invite those of you who are looking for more fulfillment in your legal careers to schedule a FREE STRATEGY SESSION with us, so we can help you figure out some of the causes of your dissatisfaction and determine what you need to do to move towards re-creating a legal career and a life that is fulfilling on all levels.

Schedule your Free Strategy Session

You’ve worked so hard and invested so much time, energy, and money to get where you are now. You owe it to yourself to figure out what you can do to make this work in a way that both brings you success and fulfillment.

So if that’s you, then we invite you to schedule your FREE STRATEGY SESSION by clicking HERE. We only have a few of these sessions available, so do we suggest that you act quickly.

Sure, being a lawyer can be challenging. The intense schedules, never-ending deadlines, demanding clients. But even with all this, you CAN have a career in which you feel both successful AND fulfilled.And we know plenty of lawyers who have been able to achieve that.

Can that be you?

To your incredible success,
Yuliya & Marla

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