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Business Spotlight: Munar Law

munar-law-pic-wccCathleen Plasencia and Jesika Diaz Munar of Munar Law are WCC business members.

What is your business?
We are a law firm. Our focus is on real estate, estate planning and business law. We like to say that we help people acquire assets and protect them. We help people buy/sell homes, buy/sell existing businesses and plan for their family’s future by creating wills, trusts, and advance directives, such as healthcare proxies and powers of attorney.

Where are you from?
We were both born and raised in Miami-Dade County. We are true Miamians, and we love our hometown especially its diverse cultural landscape. Miami is a beautiful city, and it continues to evolve into a world class destination.

What is your professional/business history?
Both of us have worked in law firms from an early age.

Jesika’s first job in real estate was at the age of 18. She was a licensed title agent by age 21. After law school, Jesika worked as in-house counsel for one of the largest infrastructure companies in the world. She then decided to join a thriving real estate firm in Coral Gables, and was soon inspired to open her own law firm: Munar Law. The firm has grown in size and reach, establishing itself as a well-regarded player in the legal landscape. Jesika’s vision continues to inspire others to forge their own path.

Cathleen’s first job in the law, was at the age of 19. She worked at a prestigious Miami law firm focused on tax and estate planning law. After law school, Cathleen worked as a trust officer at one of the most well-respected banking institutions in Miami, FL. She then joined a Fortune 100 company as in-house counsel, where she litigated cases throughout Florida. Despite her fulfilling life as a litigator, Cathleen missed transactional law and joined Munar Law in 2018 to again focus on estate planning.

What makes your business successful/unique? Anything you take special attention to or pride in?
Our business is people centric. Our aim is to help our clients reach their goals. This can be anything from walking a first-time home buyer through the closing process to helping a multimillion-dollar business structure an asset sale. We hope to have a positive impact on our client’s lives, and there is no better feeling than when our actions and advice help a client achieve their dreams.

How is it running a female owned business? Struggles? Advantages?
We are a woman owned law firm. The law is still very much a man’s world. That is changing for the better, and the Florida Bar has recognized the importance of supporting women in the law. However, there is still a long road ahead. We struggle at times with misconceptions about women in the law: one being that women in the law can be “difficult” to work with. However, we have been blessed with incredible men and women who are our clients, colleagues and friends. The legal landscape is changing and the future for female attorneys is getting brighter.

In our practice areas, there are also distinct advantages to being women attorneys. The process of buying a home, selling a business or creating a will can be emotional for people. As women, we often find that clients feel more comfortable opening up to us about their concerns and fears. Thus, we are able to help a client deal with their anxieties more easily. It is important for people to feel comfortable with us, so that we can help them.

Outside of running the business, what are some of your personal interests?
Jesika enjoys traveling with her wife, Melodie, whenever possible. They recently visited Prague, Vienna and Munich and had a wonderful time! When they’re home, they enjoy spending time with their beloved rescue shih tzu, Charlie. They also enjoy dinners around town and Sunday brunches with friends.

Cathleen enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter, Isabella, partner-in-crime, Glenn, and their two rescue dogs: Rufus & Walter. Cathleen loves road trips, and is planning her family’s next getaway to Pigeon Forge, TN to visit Dollywood. She is a big Dolly Parton fan and so is her daughter. When in Miami, Cathleen enjoys visiting new restaurants and loves “mom & pop” places the best.


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