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Business Spotlight: The Cakov Group Language Solutions


Steve Cakov of The Cakov Group Language Solutions is a business member of the WCC.

What is your business?
Language Service Provider. We provide document translation services and interpretation (oral translation) services. Document translations include HR Manuals, legal documents such as contracts, wills & trusts, press releases, marketing materials, medical files, financial documents, web sites — virtually anything that is in written form. To date we have supported our clients in over 88 languages for document translations. We also provide simultaneous interpretation services for conferences, training meetings, and business meetings. In addition, interpretation services are provided for the legal sector for depositions, mediations, hearings and trials. Sign language services (ASL) are also available for the hearing impaired.

Where are you from?
I was born in Bulgaria but I grew up and was educated in Montreal (in both French and English).

How did you come to Miami?
In 1989 I was transferred from Readers Digest Headquarters in NY to the Miami office.

What is your professional/business history?
My career began with Readers Digest in Montreal where I held various senior marketing positions.  Subsequently I was transferred to the Headquarters in NY.  After a number of years, I was then transferred to Readers Digest in Paris to oversee the marketing and strategic direction for the French operation. Concurrently, I also spent 6 months in the Italian office in Milan to assist them with their long-term strategic goals. I then returned to Readers Digest Headquarters in NY where I held senior marketing positions overlooking International Operations. Later, I was transferred to the Miami office to expand the U.S. Hispanic operations as well as overseeing all South American offices (excluding Mexico).

The genesis of starting The Cakov Group Language Solutions was born from my entrepreneurial spirit and experiences gained from many years of working with varied cultures in North America, South America and Europe.  This exposure led me to realize the need for supporting corporate clients and businesses with language related services. The Cakov Group Language Solutions has been supporting our clients since 2001.  During this period, we have served virtually all industry sectors, as well as local, state, numerous federal government agencies, and international governments/agencies.

What makes your business successful/unique? Anything you take special attention to or pride in?
We take great pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations and recognizing their unique needs. We have always been committed to unmatched customer service. We believe our clients deserve precise, dependable, timely and professional language services, at a fair price. As a result, we have developed long lasting relationships and a profound level of trust with the majority of our clients.

Outside of running the business, what are some of your personal interests?
Bowling, long distance running, hot air ballooning, sailplane riding (flying a motorless plane), equestrian jump riding, ice skating (it’s a requirement being from Canada!), wine & champagne, cooking/cuisine, and international travel.


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