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Business Spotlight: Miami Oriental Medicine

lissa-nirenbergLissa Nirenberg of Miami Oriental Medicine, LLC is a business member of the WCC.

What is your business?
Miami Oriental Medicine, LLC. I practice Oriental medicine including acupuncture and herbs.

Where are you from?

I am a native Floridan. 

If not Miami, why/how did you come to Miami? I lived in Jacksonville as a young child and then Miami ever since. 

What is your professional/business history? Opened up my office in Coral Gables in 2003 and have been at the same location since then.

What makes your business successful/unique? Anything you take special attention to or pride in? Improving the lives of my patients which affects everyone around them makes me feel wonderful. I took over in 2006, after joining the office in 2003, from a person who opened the office in 1998 and enlarged it to include other practitioners

If your business is female owned, how is it running a female owned business? Struggles? Advantages? Female owned seems like an obvious choice and my profession has limited employment opportunities at a decent wage.

The struggles and advantages are the same for any business owner— I feel owning a business has stress and responsibilities, female or not— we at WCC support each other as a community to make it easier as most of us also have household things that need to be done as well.

Outside of running the business, what are some of your personal interests? Travel, my dog, reading and being outdoors and of course spending time with my adult children.

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