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Creating Powerful Teams

By: Marlene Green, PCC, NCC, Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer

We all know that teamwork is important and that being able to create effective teams is a key to great leadership. It can be the difference between a successful company and one that really has no direction. The question is what makes up a powerful team?

The Myths about Teams
Powerful teams are not perfect entities where everyone speaks the same language, believes the same and fawns over the leader. A team needs conflict and differences of opinions to be successful. Powerful teams are composed of many different types of people with different skill sets, varying belief systems, and levels of leadership. In fact, the biggest factor that I have found to make a team successful really has nothing to do with the composition of the team at all. Powerful teams need to communicate effectively in order to be successful. Yes, there are many pieces of the puzzle that can help make a team more successful, but a powerful team starts with good, open communication.

Teamwork is an Evolving Process
Another myth that persists about teamwork is that the team must be set in stone. This is a failed perception. Members of the team can change dramatically. The goals and external business conditions may change overnight. A powerful team can roll with the punches, accept new team members with relative ease and be able to adapt to changing market conditions. You see this with great regularity in professional sports. It is rare to see a team stay together year after year. Free agents sign up for a single season while others move on to other teams. Others may play a temporary role on the team, while some may warm the bench. The team can change significantly and still be successful.

Teamwork Transformation
If you are having difficulties creating the kind of communication needed to build powerful teams in your organization we can help. We are very successful in transforming challenging groups of people into powerful teams which can accomplish increasingly significant tasks and goals to meet and exceed demands. We have focused exercises that help develop buy-in, smooth harsh edges of prickly personalities, and overcome roadblocks or obstacles that keep some teams mired by mediocrity. Every team needs to establish a system for success. Let us help create your roadmap for a powerful team today.

Marlene Green, PCC,NCC™ is a Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She can be reached at (773) 294-0749 or marlene@marlenegreenassociates.com. For more information, check out her website at www.marlenegreenassociates.com.

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