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Featured Business – Thea Goldman


Thea Goldman

Thea, often described as a “culinary pioneer”, is an intrepid Londoner who has twice developed luxury restaurant experiences in overlooked parts of Miami, bringing a chic environment and offerings that have foodies clamoring for more.

Thea’s unmatched aesthetic sense and demanding palate provided the springboard to create her restaurant visions. Thea’s first Miami foray as restaurateur was “Joey’s”, the first business to open in a then uninhabited Miami warehouse district – miles away from the glitter of South Beach – serving up classic and modern Italian food in a tasteful and completely unexpected setting. That restaurant was ‘ground zero’ for what is today Miami’s bustling Wynwood Arts District.

Spurred on by that success, she opened her namesake – “Thea’s” – in an even more unlikely neighborhood, deeper in the urban heart of Miami. Since its opening in 2012, Thea’s has developed a cult-like following, with over a hundred thousand visitors. Thea’s ‘igniter’ restaurant 2.0 offers even more “affordable glamour and accessible luxury”, and has successfully attracted a wide swath of the Miami community. The winning formula: a beautiful restaurant, an unlikely location, and a commitment to exceed customer expectations with the highest quality experience. Thea’s invitation only “Supper Club” is a sold out success.

Thea, now forty-three, has worked in the restaurant business since she was sixteen – working all line positions before owning and operating her own restaurants. Her burgeoning restaurant career was interrupted by a stint modeling which took her around world. She was – briefly – grounded at twenty one by a face-off with lymphoma. Having licked that, she returned to her passion: food! …and the restaurant business.

Thea knows every facet of the restaurant business – from perfecting the artichoke cream for her signature pizza, to assuring that her restaurant gets an A from health inspectors, and everything in between. From good design, to good dishwashing, Thea oversees the front and back of house. Intimately familiar with the special challenges presented by off the beaten path locations, Thea knows how to turn those ‘obstacles’ into the igniting spark of a neighborhood – bringing a sense of fun and adventure in her clientele.

Raised in London, Thea has lived in Paris, Tokyo, New York and Miami – where she currently resides, running her business and the household business of being single mom to her sixteen year old son, Jake.

About Thea’s Restaurants

Thea’s is located on the border of the historic African American neighborhood Overtown and the Health District deep in the urban core of Miami, surrounded by the civic center, homeless shelters, and courthouses and prisons. Thea has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to her restaurant since opening in 2012, launched a dining experience The Supper Club at Theas named the hardest reservation in Miami and delivers some of the best food around “worth driving across the state of Florida”!

Thea’s previous restaurant “Joey’s” was the pioneering restaurant of the Wynwood Arts District, opened in 2008. Thea served as the president of the Wynwood Arts District and worked with the local community to uplift it and put it on the map creating the Women of Wynwood a program that created jobs for homeless women cleaning the streets of the arts district.

1951 North West 7th Avenue Miami, Florida 33136 305.777.3777
cell: 305 798 7446


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