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Jennie Farschian & Romy Jurado

By: J. Gigi Soliman, City of Miami Attorney’s Office

Jennie Farshchian and Romy Jurado are co-founders of Jurado & Farshchian, P.L. and Marina Title, LLC, and both are active members of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Both Jennie and Romy were previously sole practitioners. They formed Jurado & Farshchian, P.L. after Jennie and Romy met at a training to become certified as title agents. Their common interest in real estate brought them together and has helped form a multi-faceted law firm and title company.

jennieJennie Farshchian, a director on the WCC board brings a diverse and unique approach to Miami. Professionally, her legal career is diversified, perfect for her current position as co-founder of a thriving boutique law firm and a new title company created to further serve her clients’ needs. Jennie practices all aspects of real estate law, from transactions to litigation to probate. Jennie focuses on representing foreign investors under the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, commercial and residential closings, clearing title on behalf of investors, easement enforcement, commission disputes, and any litigation related to the transactions. She has always been interested in entrepreneurship and the diversity of work a client-focused firm receives. The variety of issues keeps the work interesting and provides for new opportunities, such as the newly created title company, Marina Title LLC. Marina Title, LLC is an attorney-owned and operated title, closing, and escrow company with offices throughout the State of Florida.

romy116Romy Jurado, the other half of Jurado & Farshchian, P.L., focuses on immigration law and all aspects of business law, from the formation of a business to its sale, and oversees any litigation the businesses may face. Romy’s all-inclusive approach includes asset protection and estate planning for the principals of the business, the trademarking or copyrighting necessary to protect the business’s property, and advising clients through any audits. She was a realtor for three years prior to law school and managed a brokerage firm. Her personal experience managing a business gives her insight and a background she uses when advising her clients. Romy, being an immigrant herself, takes a personal interest in immigration law, which is often needed for her business practice.

Things to know about Jennie and Romy: Jennie loves adventure traveling, such as hiking a volcano or whitewater rafting. Romy loves cats, has three of her own and one dog. She is a big Bollywood movie fan and loves to watch Indian-made movies to relax.

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