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Member Article: Three Tips to Make Your Next Presentation Rock!

Submitted by Anne B. Freedman, Public Speaker and Coach and WCC Member.

Want to make your next presentation a hit, whether internally to your team, externally to clients or at large group gathering? Here are three proven “do and don’t do” tactics to help you be even more successful.

  1. Deal with your distracting “stuff.”
    Do not allow yourself to use any distracting, nervous habits like playing with a ring or necklace, continually tucking hair behind your ear, clicking a pen open and closed, constantly checking your phone, or any other similar mannerisms.
    Do remove any jewelry you might be tempted to play with, take away any pens, tie your hair back and limit using your phone to the timer feature only!
  2. Take control of your body parts!
    Do not put your hands in your pockets, keep them crossed or positioned in front of your crotch (yikes!) while you’re standing. You limit your ability to use gestures this way and can also send the wrong signals to your audience.
    Do stand tall, about a foot back from the lectern (or imagine where it would be) and deliberately incorporate gestures at key places in your talk as you practice.
  3. Plan where your notes and eyes will be placed.
     not hold onto your notes while you practice. Do not practice by looking behind you at the projected visuals because it makes you appear as if you don’t have a clue of what’s coming next.
    Do simulate the lectern where you’ll be presenting by finding something at the same height where you can position your speaking outline. Do set up your practice so you can see images on a monitor in front of you to use as a prompt while you’re speaking.

Excerpted from Public Speaking for the Genius by Anne B. Freedman, available on Amazon, in Kindle and paperback.


Anne B. Freedman
Speakout, Inc.

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