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Member Article: Lucent Visual Creations

Submitted by WCC MEMBER Liliana Orozco

Being able to capture the special bonds and quirks about you is our passion. When you book a photography session with us you need to come prepared to laugh and interact with each other just like you would with family members or friends when they are in your backyard. Don’t get surprised if we get giddy to the point that you think we are at a Justin Timberlake concert. We truly love bringing out the best in others and capture that inner beauty while maintaining artistic integrity in every picture. We pride ourselves in creating aesthetically appealing works of art when we shoot using natural or studio light. We’ll have plenty of posed, normal “photos”, but our favorite shots happen when they are the least expected, representing true life. We are known by our clients as genuine, patient artists. We love to see our clients get excited by what they see through our lens- you and your loved ones looking wonderful and showing what makes you unique. We’ll show you how we see you. Photography has taught us that every human being shines with an innate beauty and has a desire to be accepted and seen; even the more camera-shy among us. We are dreamers, we cherish memories and beauty.

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