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Member Article: Rooted in Reflexology

Submitted by Mary Susan Heydemann, Your Neighborhood Massage Therapist and WCC Member.

If You’ve Been Seeking Healing From Within

But Have Not Yet Found The Key

Search Your Inner Pathway

Discovery Reflexology

Your feet are your foundation. From that first hop out of bed in the morning, they are your reliable transport carrying you all day long. You stand in long lines, race to get your lunch, shift your weight from one to the other. They pound on pavement, splash through puddles, navigate uneven surfaces. Whew, do we even think about those little tootsies?

I compare feet to the roots of trees. They keep you grounded and secure. Deep roots don’t falter easily. Feet stabilize and balance you. The feet have a vast network of nerves. They are phenomenal windows connecting our internal and external worlds. That is one of the many reasons that as a massage therapist and registered nurse, I chose to specialize in reflexology treatments. I call my path to wellness, Rooted In Reflexology.

Rooted In Reflexology was established to help my clients find their sure footing. My hands are the only tools needed. You don’t need to disrobe or leave the treatment lathered in oils. A reflexology session will gently rotate, flex, extend, twist, wring, rock , stretch and vibrate your feet. Sounds like a high energy workout, but these actions will put you in a deeply relaxed state. Reflexology is an ancient science and healing art providing acupressure to reflex points to trigger involuntary responses. The response may stimulate, sedate or rebalance the nervous system, as needed. The reflex points correspond to organs, glands and body systems. Reflexology induces profound relaxation, reduces stress, facilitates healing and restores balance. Circulation tends to stagnate in the feet. With reflexology, the flow of blood and lymph and energy pathways are improved. Conditions that respond well to reflexology include Fatigue, Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sinus Congestion, Fluid Imbalances, Constipation, and more. You will depart from a reflexology session feeling refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, rebalanced and refocused.

If you were standing still on your feet all day or preparing for a marathon, your feet have served you well. Did you dance all night? Cram them into stilettos? Jump barefoot across the hot sand? Bump them in your haste?Night falls and they are the last to swing into bed. That’s when we realize our feet are weary, sore or swollen. Unsung  heroes. Acknowledge their hard work. Nourish them. Rub them. Nurture them. Love them. Be kind to your feet.


Mary Susan Heydemann
Rooted in Reflexology

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