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Member Article: Setting Clear Expectations

Submitted bChastity Turino-Rodriguez, LMT, MSOL Reiki Master & Life Balance Coach and WCC Member.

As a wife, mother, and business owner, I often discuss expectations with my family, friends, and clients. Expectations are an integral part of any personal and professional relationship. They impact both our home life and our workplace. I cringe every time I hear people being told that they should avoid setting expectations to avoid being disappointed. Seriously?

Expectations are a basic requirement. More specifically, mutually clear expectations are fundamentally necessary for any relationship. So, what are the key aspects of setting expectations?

  • You need to be able to articulate your expectations either verbally or in writing. Failure to clearly articulate your expectations makes it easy for assumptions to come into play and impact what could potentially be a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • We all have different perspectives based on our culture and our experiences. Help others understand why the expectations are in place. You are more likely to gain commitment with better understanding of your intentions.
  • Be honest. Real conversations require candor, not hidden agendas.
  • Listen attentively and be open to dialogue. Relationships vary and so do expectations. Your personal and working relationships will always vary from somebody else’s. Actively listening as well as being open-minded facilitates agreement and commitment.
  • Use reflection. In other words, restate the expectations like a therapist would to make sure it’s being interpreted the same way. Sometimes we are speaking the same language, but we are not saying the same thing.

As you move forward in 2019, don’t let unclear expectations cause strife in your personal or professional relationships. Strive to build clear expectations at home and in the workplace. It’s a leadership skill that sets us apart as parents, partners, and professionals.

May Light lead your path. May Love guide your steps. May Peace be with you today and always.


Chastity Turino-Rodriguez, LMT, MSOL
Reiki Master & Life Balance Coach
Cultivate Your Spirit, LLC.
WCC Member since September 2018.

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