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New Member Spotlight: Aimee Hershkowitz

Aimee Hershkowitz is a personal stylist and new member of the WCC.

What is your business?
I am a Personal Stylist with cabi women’s designer clothing
Where are you from?

I was born and raised right here in Miami Beach, Florida (and so were my husband and son!)

What is your professional/business history?
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Retail/Apparel Management with a minor in Marketing from FIU School of Engineering and Design. I worked my way up the ladder in the retail chain Chico’s until I decided to stay home and raise my son for 5 years. One day I was invited by a friend to a “cabi Fashion Experience” and my life has NEVER been the same! I discovered that cabi was a perfect “fit”, no pun intended, for my life in so many ways. The clothes are incredibly stylish, comfortable, versatile and elegantly different than any other clothing line I had ever seen (for women of all ages, shapes and sizes too). However, the financial freedom, flexibility and command of my own schedule has made me the happiest I have ever been in my professional life. I would LOVE to share the cabi Fashion Experience with the powerful entrepreneurial women of the WCC!!!

What makes your business successful/unique? Anything you take special attention to or pride in?
What makes cabi different than all other women’s retail clothing businesses is ME! I am not just a woman who “sells clothes”, I am a Personal Stylist! I help you save time and money by making smart wardrobe choices, as well as help you develop a wardrobe, with cabi, that suits your lifestyle both personally and professionally.

On a professional basis, I come to your business and teach women to “Dress How You Want to Be Addressed”. I help enhance the image you and your co-workers/employees put forth through appropriate and elegant clothing choices.

On a personal basis, I come to your home (or you can come to mine) and, together with your favorite girl friends and family, I treat you to the cabi Fashion Experience! This features the most current cabi collection and all the amazing style tips and tricks of the season! Call me today to book yours!!

What I take incredible pride in is being involved in my client’s lives not just for clothes but for becoming their friend. I truly enjoy helping them feel good about themselves when they go out in the world! This sets cabi, and me as a personal stylist, worlds apart from retail stores, their sales associates and the mall! Oh, and did I mention that not only are my personal styling sessions FREE but I also do FREE closet audits exclusively for my Hostesses. SO, please ask me about our incredible Hostess benefits because with cabi, “When you Hostess, you get the Mostess”!!

How is it running a female locally owned business? Struggles? Advantages?
I truly love running a female driven business. The biggest advantage is that “The Women Are Smarter”! That’s why I joined the WCC of course! The biggest struggle I would say is that many women do not take the time to take care of themselves, put themselves first and just enjoy girl time. Cabi is all about girl time and it is way too often overlooked in favor of all the care taking we provide others.

Outside of running the business, what are some of your personal interests?
I love working out and I do Jazzercise as many days a week as I can. I am an avid cruiser…anywhere in the Caribbean will do! I love spending time with my husband and son, going to the movies, and having dinner with friends…it’s even better if we cook! However, Fashion is my Passion and I hope to share it with all of you!

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