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Top 10 Client Appreciation Ideas

By: Yuliya LaRoe, Founder & CEO, Confident Entrepreneur

Have you ever met anyone who does not like to be appreciated or thanked for their efforts or accomplishments? I haven’t and I bet neither have you. Everyone likes to be appreciated and treated well even if they don’t show it on the surface. And this of course includes your clients and customers.

Surprisingly, many business owners often forget this simple truth and fail to let their clients know just how much they mean to the success of their business. After all, if it wasn’t for your clients and customers, especially if you are in a service-based business, there would be no business!

So today I want to share with you my top 10 ideas for your own Client Appreciation campaign, so you can express all the love, appreciation and gratitude you feel for your clients:

1. Create a client honor roll/wall of fame on your website.
Make your client feel special by highlighting your best customers. Sure it’s not the same as winning the Oscar or getting a Nobel Prize, but this recognition is sure to make your clients feel special. And here is the truth about human nature – one of the most important human needs is to be recognized. So this client appreciation idea caters directly to this need.

2. Mail healthy snacks to their office.
Help them stay in shape and feeling good by choosing healthy options to snack on. Like the idea of a monthly delivery? Try www.NatureBox.com or www.SnackNation.com for a customized monthly healthy snack delivery. Want to send a few items once in a while? Then think of sending them gourmet nuts, granola bars or oatmeal packs. Or maybe they are a tea or coffee lover? Then how about a set of artisan tea or coffee selection.

3. Send them chocolates or treats from a wedding or party favors company, customized with your logo.
Got a sweets lover for a client? Well of course who doesn’t love an occasional chocolate or candy! So make it special by customizing it with your logo. Using a wedding or party favors company, you can save a lot of money and still deliver a treat that both tastes and looks great.

4. Offer discounts with other complementary vendors or providers.
This one is one of my favorites – it doesn’t cost you a dime and it often ends in referrals to other businesses, who will be happy to send referrals back to you! What discounted offers you share of course depends on your business. For example, do you own a hair salon? Offer discounts at a neighborhood spa or nail salon! Got a real estate company? Refer your clients to a carpet cleaning or baby sitting service with a nice discount attached! Well, you get the idea.

5. Share with them your own “Top 10” list.
Just like this top 10 list, create your own that can help make your clients’ lives easier, save them money, entertain them, inspire them, etc.

6. Send them a book with a personal note.
Are you reading a book that you think is fantastic? Think of which ones of your clients would also enjoy it and consider sending them a copy. Include a personal note letting your clients know why you thought they would enjoy the book. This is a very personalized and thoughtful gift that is sure to make your clients feel cared for and appreciated.

7. Send them a referral for their own business.
Are your clients also business owners? Then there cannot be a better gift then sending them a business referral! This is a gift that can potentially turn not just in repeat business for you from this client, but also in new referrals from your client.

8. Create a loyalty program.
Want to encourage your clients to keep coming back? Loyalty programs are a great way to show your appreciation for your long-term repeat clients (e.g., some complimentary service after they purchase a set number of services or spend a certain amount of money, etc.) These clients deserve your special attention because you no longer have to convince them to work with you – they trust you, they love your service, and are most likely happy to recommend you to their family, friends, and colleagues. So taking special care of these clients is your priority!

9. Send them movie or concert tickets, Groupon or Living Social offers, etc.
You work hard. And so do your clients! Help them relax by making it easy to say yes to creating a bit of down time. Such simple things like movie tickets, or finding and purchasing for them some fun Groupon or Living Social deals can make a big difference.

10. Throw a fun Client Appreciation Event to celebrate your clients.
A client appreciation event is a great way to get some face-to-face time with your clients and your former clients. And it provides them with an opportunity to network amongst each other. But what about the cost? It really doesn’t have to be expensive. Here is a list of some ideas: outdoor barbecue; golf outings; trip to a baseball or basketball game; movies or concert outdoors; nature walks followed by a picnic; fashion shows; holiday parties; private cooking classes; trip to a local brewery or winery; or karaoke nights.

These 10 simple yet powerful ideas will help you make your clients feel appreciated and cared for. Plus it will remind them just how important they are to you.

Yuliya LaRoe is a certified business and leadership coach and the founder and CEO at www.ConfidentEntrepreneur.com, where she helps small to mid–size companies grow profitably and sustainably, in all aspects of business. You can reach her directly at Yuliya@ConfidentEntrepreneur.com.

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