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WCC Member Spotlight: Michelle McKoy

Michelle McKoy, Founder of South Florida Fertility Expo

Michelle is a visionary who isn’t afraid to put action behind her thoughts. She is the founder of South Florida Fertility Expo, co-founder of Miami VR Expo and founding member of Black Girl Ventures (Miami Chapter), a DC-based nonprofit that provides access to funding for Black & Brown women in business. A Business Development consultant, with a passion for film, tech and the arts, she currently promotes VR education and community engagement. She also sits on the Miami Dade Film and Entertainment Advisory Board.

Considered an “ideas merchant”, Michelle is a dynamic and results-driven marketing, public relations, and communications executive with over 15 years of experience impacting an organization’s presence and performance. An influential professional with notable success in business development, branding and execution of public relations, and community liaison campaigns, she maintains an entrepreneurial mindset with a global vision.

Michelle is a proven leader with the ability to deliver results in high-pressure situations. A strategic thinker with expertise in educational program management, research and writing best practices, and coordinating outreach initiatives, she has a passion for the creatives: arts, film, tech and culture.

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