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WCC Member Spotlight: Talita Gutierrez

Talita Gutierrez, Founder of Verde Vertical

Talita Gutierrez was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in a house full of books, plants and colorful materials. Both of her parents were fine artists, so Art has always been an essential part of her life.

Talita graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning at the Mackenzie University in São Paulo. Architecture allowed to combine her creativity and design with functionality and spatial sense. Passionate about natural landscapes and flora, she has incorporated this fascinating world into her work. After some years of research in Botany and Ecosystems, she developed an innovative Vertical Garden system that surprises everyone and transforms spaces.

Since 2005, Talita has divided her time between her studios in São Paulo and Miami, working as a vertical garden designer and fine artist, collaborating with leading architects, landscape designers and direct clients. Her vertical gardens can be seen in beautiful façades, offices, residences, hotels, spas and restaurants, in several cities of Brazil, the US and the Caribbean.

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