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WCC President’s Message

Yuliya I Laroe Esq

Dear WCC Members, Future Members, & Community Partners, 

Welcome to 2017! 

As your newly installed WCC President, I am thrilled to be leading one of South Florida’s preeminent women’s business organizations. What an honor!

The WCC was founded by Ms. Thelma Gibson in 1984 and became the first women’s chamber in South Florida.  Ms. Gibson, a registered nurse, began her career as a staff nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital in 1947. For more than 50 years, she has been a trailblazer in education, mental and physical health, community and professional leadership, volunteerism and service to her church, community and family.

This is the WCC’s 33rd year and I am thrilled to be continuing Ms. Gibson’s legacy. 2017 will continue to be filled with opportunities for you to expand your professional networks and build powerful relationships. Be sure to check our event calendar often as we are updating it with new events every month.  We will also continue collaborating with local non-profit, community, and professional organizations. Because we are stronger together!

Personally, I am really excited to share with you a brand new program we’ll be launching this year – the WCC Business Leadership Institute.

The program’s purpose is to educate, inspire, and motivate women in South Florida to take more significant roles in business leadership. Our goal is to provide South Florida’s women with strategies, tools, and support to successfully launch, operate & grow their own businesses and/or get promoted into leadership roles by their employers, including at supervisory, managerial, and executive levels. The program is in development now and we are planning to launch it later this year. So please stay tuned!

So why are we launching this program now? Because never before has there been as strong of a need for women to come together and help each other, our businesses, and our communities to grow and thrive. Regardless of how you voted in the latest election, we can all agree that smart, ambitious, driven, and compassionate women like you is what can help us to do that. And NOW is the time!

And of course, we want you to know that we at the WCC are here for you. Your problems are our problems. Your challenges are our challenges. What’s keeping you up at night is on our minds too. And your successes and victories are celebrated by us as if they were our own. Simply put – we love you and we cannot wait to help you succeed!

To your incredible success,

Yuliya LaRoe, Esq, CPC

Co-founder & Executive Coach
20/20 Leadership Group

Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Miami-Dade County

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