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Corhinn Brunot is the founder and CEO of The CCWC Network Corp.  A web design and branding company servicing clients around the world whether remotely or locally. Her background in Information Systems, served as an infinite well of knowledge propelling her to create an avenue that would permit other small businesses to leave their digital footprint on the internet. She proudly serves the Haitian Chamber Of Commerce of Florida and the Haitian Lawyers Association as their Webmaster for the past 5 years. And has had the privilege to work with other high end clients throughout South Florida.
Highly competent, capable and resourceful events coordinator with good all round experience of event development, management and marketing, Corhinn has proven herself to be a well rounded resource in her community. She is self-motivated, enthusiastic and with a can-do positive attitude with a proven ability to ensure the smooth running of each event hosted. Moreover, experienced in budget management and hosting annual conferences, receptions and promotional events. Her leadership has truly left a mark among those who believe in her vision.
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